Technology for Families In Need
Narrowing the digital divide, one recycled computer at a time
TechFIN is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Who We Are
TechFIN seeks to address an alarming trend in America. Millions of low income families lack access to a computer in the home.

This lack of access contributes to a growing digital divide where completing schoolwork, or college and job applications becomes increasingly difficult. Yet, in this environment, U.S. companies dispose of millions of functional computers every year, per their upgrade cycle. In a solution that is both sustainable and beneficial, TechFIN diverts some of these machines from the scrap heap to the living room.​

How we do it

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    TechFIN sources used, but unwanted computers from generous corporate donors.

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    The working machines are picked up, in bulk, and delivered to our storage facility. There, the machines are cleaned, tested, and loaded with software by our IT staff, then set aside for distribution.

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    TechFIN partners with non-profit organizations that already work closely with low income families. These nonprofit organizattions then identify and nominate appropriate recipients.

What we've done
TechFIN has distributed over 2,000 computers throughout New York City.

100% of recipients did not have a working computer at home.

80% had been unable to complete assignments due to lack of access to a computer.

68% said the TechFIN computer was used '5-7 days/week'.

96% said the machines were used for homework.

23% used the computer for online classes or tutorials.
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Donate Today
Monetary donations are welcome, as are Amazon Wishlist purchases, for much needed supplies, for a more tangible and immediate impact.